What to Consider

What to consider

Types of housing

  • What kind of residence (house, townhome, apartment) do you want?
  • Do you need to provide furniture for your residence?
  • Will you have apet?
  • How many people do you plan to have live with you?
  • Are your lifestyles compatible?
Location, location, location
  • Can you walk, bike, or bus to campus?
  • Will you need acar?
  • Is the neighborhoodsafe?
  • Does the neighborhood have other students living in proximity?
  • Is it a family neighborhood?
Budget and expenses
  • Will you get a mealplan?
  • Will you cook foryourself?
  • What utilities are included in the rent?
  • What utilities are you responsible for?

Renting in North Carolina – link: http://www.ncrec.gov/Brochures/Print/Renting.pdf

Here are some safety considerations prior to making the commitment:
  • Are the doors to the apartment SOLID CORE wooden doors or METAL? Do these doors have good dead-bolt locks or at least shielded door knobs to deter access to the locking mechanism. Ask the landlord if the locks have been re-keyed since the last tenant moved out. (If allowed, consider installing your own locks)
  • Do the doors have a “peep-hole” so visitors can be observed without opening the door?
  • Do shrubs and trees allow places for concealment near entrances and windows?
  • Do windows and accessible fire escapes have good locking mechanisms?
  • Good lighting deters crime. Is the lighting adequate near entry doors and around walkways?
  • Do outer doors of the apartment stay locked at all times?
  • Are good working smoke detectors in place? There should be at least two emergency escape routes in case of fire.