Duke University Police:

The Duke University Police Department provides comprehensive law enforcement services 24 hours daily.

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1

For non-emergencies, call (919) 684-2444.

Our headquarters is on campus at 502 Oregon Street, Durham, NC 27708.

City of Durham Police:

For Emergencies - Call 9-1-1

For Non-Emergencies - Call (919) 560-4600 or 560-4601

Safety Tips in Your Apartment

DON’T allow strangers into your building or apartment. View visitors through the peep-hole or other viewer. When in doubt, don’t answer the door and never reveal to a visitor or telephone caller that you are alone. Ask repair or service personnel to show official identification.

ALWAYS lock your door(s) to your apartment when you are alone, sleeping or going out, EVEN if only for a few minutes! It’s easy... “Just do it!”

Don’t leave EXTERIOR doors to your apartment building unlocked.

Keep your windows covered at night and LOCKED.

If your building has an elevator, don’t enter it with a stranger. Stand in front of the button panel so you can push the emergency alarm if necessary.

Don’t use your first name on mailboxes. Use your first initial.

Laundry rooms, lounges and common areas should not be used when you’re alone.

Keep keys in your possession. Do not put them under mats, over doors, or in other obvious hiding places. Do not “tag” your keys with your name and address.

Use a timer for lamps and a radio to give your apartment an occupied look and sound.

If you return home and you think it has been illegally entered, DO NOT enter. Get to a safe place and call the Police.

Keep valuables out of sight and do not place such articles near windows.

DO NOT ADVERTISE that you are not home with notes on your door.

Make sure you have the Durham Police phone number 919-560-4600 (non-emergency) or in an emergency, just dial 911.

Safety When Traveling To and From Campus

Avoid walking alone late at night, use Duke Transit or Duke Van Services (919-684-2020).

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and stay in well-lit areas. Walk mid-point between curbs and buildings and stay away from alleys or less traveled areas.

Stay near people. Avoid short-cuts through parks, vacant lots and deserted places.

Carry only necessary credit cards and money and avoid using ATM machines when alone and at night.

Walk with someone you know whenever possible.

If someone is following you on foot, cross the street, change directions or vary your pace.

If someone is following you in a car, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. If that person persists, record the license number and call the Police immediately. Get to an area where there are other people around.

Don’t stop to give directions or other information to strangers.

Use the “buddy system”.

If you must carry a purse or handbag, keep it close to your body to minimize the chances of theft. If your purse or wallet is “snatched”, don’t fight. Turn it over rather than risk personal injury and report the incident as soon as possible.

DO NOT wear a personal stereo system or play music so loudly that you are not aware of your surroundings.

Learn where the emergency telephones and call boxes are located on campus.

Learn about and USE public transportation such as DATA and BullCity Connector buses.

Protecting Your Personal Property

Keep a photographic record of your possessions. Write down the date and place of purchase along with the model number and most importantly, the serial number. This information can be placed on the back of each photo. Store the photos and information in a safe place.

If you must have valuable items such as jewelry and other collections, make arrangements to keep them in a safe deposit box.

Make sure your car is always locked with no valuables left in view.

If you have to store your bike outside, use a high quality lock and lock it to an immovable object.

Make copies of all your credit card numbers and ID cards and keep them in a safe place.